X 100 Immobilizer Auto Key Programmer Unboxing | Mr. Locksmith Video

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I purchased the X100 PRO Auto Key Programmer X100+ Updated Version with EEPROM Adapter for Automtovie Locksmithing and in the coming weeks I will be testing it.

X100 Pro is the new updated version car key programmer, It has powerful functions such as new key programming, new mobilizer Programming, new ecu programming and more. The X100 has simple and robust design.

X100 Pro Key Programmer Packing List:

1. X100 Pro Main Unit
2. ObdII-16 Connector
3. Honda-3 Connector
4. Hyundai/Kia-10 Connector
5. Kia-20 Connector
6. Main Cable
7. TF Card
8. TF Card Reader
9. EEPROM Adapter

I will be testing the X 100 on adding and programing transpoder keys in the coming weeks and more videos to come. The X 100 may be a good additon to Mr. Locksmith Automotive.

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