Lesson 5: Key Machines - Part 1

Introduction to Key Machines

Key machines let locksmiths cut keys. Typically you will use a key machine several times a day. Before key machines, Locksmithing was an offshoot of Blacksmithing. Blacksmiths would forge locks with keys for them. If more keys were needed, they were often crafted by hand. Today we have a variety of electric key machines at our disposal, each with their own function and specialty. Some people set up work benches in their service vehicle so they can take their key machine with them to the job. Others leave their key machine in the workshop and generate bundles of keys ahead of time. This section will discuss the two most common key machines a locksmith will use. Key duplicators allow you to make copies of an existing key and key generators allow you to generate a new key.
When using a key machine it is important to practice proper work safety procedures. Cutting keys is a loud process and brass filings can shoot anywhere. This is particularly hazardous to your hearing and vision. Always wear safety goggles and earmuffs while the key machine is active. The cutter is incredibly sharp. Keep your hands, fingers, and other body parts away from the blade at all times.

Do not operate any key machine while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medicine.

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