Lesson 7: Drilling Locks - Part 1

Tools needed to drill a lock
Drill: A good drill is absolutely necessary to be able to drill open locks. You should have 2 types of drills. You can take a battery powered drill with you to every job. The worst thing that can happen to you is having your batteries run out in the middle of drilling a lock. Make sure you carry a bunch of extra batteries and a battery charger. A hammer drill will help you drill through the really tough material like reinforced steel and concrete. Not all doors and locks are located close to a power supply so make sure you carry extension cords in your drill kit.
Drill Bits: A good set of drill bits is essential for drilling locks. High quality drill bits are a necessity. You will be drilling through metal, wood, concrete, and reinforced steel.
Flat-head Screwdriver: You should carry your screwdrivers with you to every job. When drilling locks, you will use a flat-head screwdriver to turn the cylinder once the sheer line has been drilled. Having a series of flat-head screwdrivers will ensure that you always have the perfect size flat-head for your cylinder.
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