4 Day Hands On Locksmith Training Class in Surrey

Real hands-on locksmithing class  designed to teach engineering or maintenance employees for small or large facilities (School, Hospital, Corrections, Policing, etc.) and is a good start for beginners to help you become a locksmith or start your own locksmith business.


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In this training you will:

  • Cut over a hundred keys on key duplication machines as well as computerized machines
  • Rekey locks
  • Shim
  • Trouble shoot
  • Pick locks
  • Take apart (and put back together) locks (deadbolts and key in knobs).
  • Lock-outs, broken keys and picking locks.
  • Design a mini Master key system and master key their locks.

The Mr. Locksmith Locksmithing Course includes all supplies, lock picks, tools and material needed to take the course with.


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