In the past on large masterkey jobs (court house, government building, oil refiners, etc.) or security upgrades (astricals, knob protectors, etc.) I would cut all my keys, assemble the locks and/or prepare all my security hardware and assemble my locksmith team and we would go into the building at night, do everything and next morning all the work is finished.

Fast and efficient and very profitable but nobody in the building knew me or my locksmith company.

My dad, Brian Whin-Yates (2nd Generation Locksmith), told me to slow down, do a few doors a day and go back every day. He said I would pickup even more locksmith work as everyone in the building would see me working and handing out keys (keys in envelope with business card). Also, if there was a rekeying problem I could fix it asap. Furthermore, other managers and employees would come to me about other problem doors and locks in the building (more work) and advise for their home security.

I changed how I did business, I would show-up everyday at the job-site and complete a few doors and locks. The difference was night and day, I turned the large rekey and security upgrade jobs into long term customers. I became the “In-house Locksmith.”

As time goes on you will find 50 percent of your weekly jobs are repeat customers. Also, you have a relationship with these customers and you will rarely be asked for a quote.

All sorts of data and articles about the cost of acquiring new customers and the value and lower cost of repeat customers. Convert your customers into considering you their “In-house Mr. Locksmith.”

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