Duplicating a key on a HPC Speedex Key Machine | Mr. Locksmith Training Blog.

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In this video I’m just going to duplicate a Schlage key. Two simple safety rules in locksmithing as follows:

1) Always wear eye protection
2) Do not stick your finger in the cutting wheel

Quite simple, that’s our two safety rules for locksmithing. I’m going to duplicate a key. This is a HPC Speedex, it’s a good little simple key machine. It’s inexpensive, it’s still good quality. It’s not one of these cheap offshore ones, you’re going to get lots of service out of this.

This key machine is approx. seven years old with a lot of locksmith students playing with it so it’s stood up really well and still using the original wheel. The students have not managed break this one. Saying that, watch tomorrow they break one.

We are going to duplicate a Schlage key. I always like the ilco key blanks. One of the biggest problems that newbies and everybody else makes they put the key in like that so it’s really just, just a little bit up and your key is not going to be cut correctly. So what I always do, I always have my finger on the end when I’m putting the key in. So we’re going to take our key to be duplicated, I like to put it about there and it’s nice in there firm. I put in my blank, then I bring down, I’m going to measure it from the shoulder. Nicely tighten these down, get the guide out of the way, turn the key machine on, don’t cut the shoulder and don’t run it down the end. This is a 5 cut Schlage, the blank is a 5 cut so do not cut on the shoulder and I just cut the key.

Basically I’m just tracing it so again, don’t run it down the tip. If I want to just double double check and you don’t have to push hard on the machine either. It’s making sure you get the flats, the slopes. Now you just turn, turn the machine off to be safe, take they key turn it back on. Now just give it a little brush, get the burs off of it. Put the key in, perfect, she turns. In another video I’ll show you how to adjust the key machine. And again, I always use a Schlage original key, Schlage original lock and I all use, I try to use Schlage original keys to set any key machine I work on. That’s going to be in another video.

This one’s just showing you how to duplicate the key. Remember safety first, where your safety glasses, don’t put your finger in the wheel. And again, just carefully trace your key and cut it and you’ll have a perfect key every time.

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