How to Open a SAGA SAF-D-POSIT safe. Imported safe, company no longer in business. No combination available from dealer. SAGA SAF-D-POSIT safes are very similar to Sentry Safes.

If you have the combination it will be 3 numbers and very similar to Sentry Safes.

4x Left “#”
3x Right “#”
2x Left “#” Stop at last number.
Turn Handle or Key to open.

Method 1- Drilling: straight tailpeice lock with drill point just ouside of the dial ring at 75. Angle in with a 1/4″ hole and you should be able to see the wheels and tailpeice at the same time.


Method 2- Direct method is to wrap several turns of duct tape around the dial, set it at the drop, apply handle pressure to bind the dial then rock it back and forth vigorously by means of a large curved jaw vice grip on the dial (that’s the reason for the tape) until the cotter pin that holds the driver/spindle assembly shears. After that the driver unscrews, and tip safe back to allow wheels to fall off spindle, and turn key/handle, the wheels fall off the post into the door. Open the door and put the wheels back on the post, replace the cotter pin, eyeball the combo, and you’re done.

Method 3- Manipulate safe, easy to do but takes practice. No false gates. Approximate 5 numbers separation. Apply turning pressure with the handle or turning the key against wheels.

Method 4- Series of safe combinations to try (approximately 20 combs) not always successful. Update soon.