How to use the Smart / Dumb Key Force Tool

The blank key is cut to a 3 depth and cut it at the start of the first cut

Most Important! Only use theSmart / Dumb Key Force Tool on Smart Key Locks.

Step 1: insert the KW1 Blank into the Smart Key Lock

Step 2: insert Smart / Dumb Key Force Tool into the Smart Key Lock

Step 3: use a 3/8″ socket and racket or breaker bar wrench on the end of the Smart / Dumb Key Force Tool Step 4: Turn the tool to the unlock postion (usually the hinge side of the door)

Step 5: Do not overturn (the tailpc will be force off)

Step 6: Sell the customer a real deadbolt (Medeco, Assa, Abloy or Schlage Primus). Remove the blank with a key extractor.

Step 7: email me a pic of the opened Smart Key Lock and you could win another Dumb Key Force tool, my favorite Pics or my new Smart Key Key-in-Knob opening tool.

Note: sometimes the customer key will still lock and unlock the door. The Smart Key change function will no longer work.


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