Mr. Prolock KW1 Smarter Key Force Tool (aka Dumb Key Force Tool)

Open Kwikset Smart key locks in seconds with my “Smarter Key Force Tool.”

The tool has been designed and tested by locksmiths and used in training police forces and is now available to you.
The Smarter Key Force Tool is precision machined and hardened steel to open smart key locks in seconds.



The KW1 Smarter Key Force Tool will open only the Kwikset / Weiser Smart Key locks that can be identified by the small slot for the change key tool located on the left hand side of the keyway or 8 o’clock position.

[responsive_youtube PDnTZAXSh8s]


Watch my video using the lock out force tool on a real lockout.

[responsive_youtube  OWV2nJviq6s]

With every purchase you will receive  access to my video on step by step instructions on how to identify the lock and how to open the lock in seconds.

Also, common problems to avoid that will break the tool, it is made of hardened steel and what makes it strong enough to open a Dumb Key locks also makes it brittle. I have never broken my Force tool and neither will you if you follow a few simple methods of using the Force tool.

Note: the KW1 Smart Key Force tool will not open standard pin tumbler cylinders and is not guaranteed against breakage.  However, I have used Dumb Key Force Tool for 25+  lockouts and it is good for hundreds more.

After using the Force tool the original key may still work however the lock should be replaced.  I do not recommend you sell the customer another Dumb Key lock.  Time to upsell to a real High Security lock, Schlage Primus, Medico or Assa Abloy.

This Force tool will make you thousands of dollars and save you time and effort.

When your customers see how fast you open their door they will want a real Deadbolt installed.

Only $99.00 ea.

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