How To Pick Locks – Online Course


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Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with over 30+ years of locksmithing experience and a BA (Hons) in Criminology. I will teach you how to rekey and pick locks like a Professional Locksmith. 

This is a On-Line Locksmith Class covering basic to advanced Lock Picking Methods and Techniques. Learning how to pick open locks starts with learning the basic to advanced methods of lock picking. The locksmith student will learn the various methods of picking open a lock. I have been teaching locksmith, military, police, law enforcement and Fire Departments for over 30 years how to pick open deadbolts, key-in-knob, padlocks, filing cabinets and “pick resistant” and “pick proof” locks. The lock picking class will cover the basic methods are as “Rake,” “Feel” and “Rake and Feel” lock picking methods to advanced lock picking techniques to open locks with mushroom, spool, and spiral pins and how to use bump keys.


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On-Line “How to Pick Locks” will cover and discuss:

Picking a lock

Opening a lock with no keys

Single pin picking, Feel Method, French Method

Raking, Jiggling, Bumping, Scrubbing

Can you lock even be picked?

High-Security Locks

Tubular, Ace, etc.

The lock has malfunctioned.

Reading Locks

Buying Picks

Making Picks


Electronic Picks

Pick Guns

Methods of Entry

Legal Issues



Preparation for Entry

Setup your own Lock Practice Boards

Automotive Lock Picking

Other Lock Bypass Methods

DAME (Defense Against Methods of Entry)

Rekey Deadbolt

Rekey Key in Knobs

Shiming a lock

Other methods to Open a lock


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How to use the brand new Lishi Kwikset and Schlage picks!!!


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