The secret of lock picking is practice, practice, practice.  When my sons started to work in my locksmith company they did not like doing lock outs.  One of the most popular emergency lockout is “locked of bedroom.”  If you don’t have a lock on your bedroom then you don’t have kids.

Note: another popular lockout is “locked out of bathroom” see my video on “Locked out of bathroom” on

One evening I had a couple of customers who where locked out of their apartments or bedrooms.  I was tired and with four sons in the house and three of them doing locksmithing work and all of them playing Xbox in the family room. I asked Number one son and Number two son to go out and make some money.  They both groaned that they didn’t like doing lockouts.  I heard every excuse going why they didn’t want to do the jobs.  (if a rekey lock came in they both would fight over the job).  In our City most of the locks are Weiser / Kwickset  locks.  Ninety-nine percent of these locks can be picked in less than 5 minutes by an experienced lock-picker.  Most of the key-in-knob locksets if you can not pick them they can be slipped (loided, more on this later) or circumvented with other methods.

I told my sons, if they practiced lock picking for five minutes for every hour they played on the Xbox they would be the best lock pickers in North America.   My double car garage was one big locksmith shop.  I went into the shop and pulled out several boards with about 6 locks mounted per board.  I put the lock displays in the family room and several sets of picks.  Over the next several weeks and months they practiced everyday.    Even Number 4 son, who was 12 yrs old at the time started to practice lock picking.  (he loved to use the electric pick and while he could open the locks with it eventually, he could pick locks quicker with a tension wrench and hook pick).

Long story short, my sons are no longer hesitant or afraid of any lockouts now.  They are confident in their picking ability.  They know if they can’t pick the lock, Dad probably would not be able to pick it either and they know the proper methods to open the lock if lock picking fails (more lock opening methods later).

Bottom line: The secret of lock picking is practice, practice, practice.

When you take my Professional Locksmithing classes you will learn the basics and advanced methods of lock picking.  Most people really enjoy lock picking and when I give a short 2  hour lock picking and lock bumping class to the local Police Burglary Squad it is the highlight of their training into the unit.

Next few Blogs will be the various locks picks, tension tools and methods of entry.  Note: some of the information will be restricted to the private sign-in Private Blog for locksmith students and members.

Also, coming soon my new book “Penetration Expert: Professional Lock Picking for Locksmiths and Apprentice Locksmiths

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how to legally use these tools and methods. You must obey all Local, State Provincial and Federal laws  governing the use and possession of lock picking tools.