Jumping to Week 12 because by the 12th week you should consider adding Google Ad Words.

Google ad words

– Quick jump in sales.
– Target a special or product to sell.
– Scammer Locksmiths use it so we know it works.
– Control your Marketing budget (you can turn ad words on and off).
– Target specific time slots.

– The bid price keeps on increasing as more competition bids on the words
– (Note: most expensive Google ad word is “asbestos” $99.00 per click fought over by Lawyers).
– Public does not trust Ad Words and prefers Organic Links.
– Scammer Locksmiths dominate Ad Words.
– Difficult to run an ad words campaign and landing pages.
– Most competition runs ad words when sales slow. The result is a huge numbers of Locksmith companies bidding on the most popular words (eg: Locksmith).

If you have followed the “52 Weeks of Locksmith Sales Success” (all your backlinks, business cards, etc.) then begin a limited Ad Words Campaign of approximately $300.00 per month. I recommend you have the Mr. Locksmith Webmaster implement the campaign (you can concentrate on working). Note: $75.00 per month Webmaster fee.

Back Links for WEEK 12

Each and every week for the next 52 weeks you should add a minimum of two (2) or more free ads on Craigslist and Kijiji. Again do not forget to include “Mr. Locksmith” your phone number and your website. In British Columbia I find I get a minimum of 3 jobs a week from Craigslist and in Ontario Kijiji is the dominant website.

Again, it takes time for the “52 Weeks of Locksmith Sales Success” to be effective but you must do it weekly. If your sales are good you cannot stop and then start when it gets slow, be consistent and do it every week.

I appreciate any comments and ideas for future articles and updates for this Blog.