Last week I sent out an email suggesting everyone place a Craigslist and Kijji Ads because its FREE and its FREE. (It also works).

Example: On Monday (November 21, 2011) a customer called me and asked for a quote for a rekey and R&R SCDB job from Craigslist. The next day on Tuesday I rekeyed the business and was paid by Visa ($382.00).

Also, I may be able to upsell the customer to Primus for 5 doors ($100 per dr, $10 per key) and I picked up a new customer and because he is a motorcycle dealer I have him sending motorcycle key customers to the new Mr. Locksmith Key Store at SFU Harbour Centre.

I have three (3) Craigslist accounts and I repost the same ads every week. I spend less than an hr a week on Craigslist and Kijiji.

Go to Craigslist Vancouver and search “Locksmith”

You will also see who is and is not running FREE ads.

Again, its easy and FREE.