Open Electronic Sentry Safe in Seconds with Rare Earth Magnet.

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Recommended by Terry Whin-Yates. This is the same magnet that Terry Whin-Yates uses to open electronic Sentry Safe’s in seconds!

  • Dimensions: 3″ dia. x 1″ thick
  • Tolerance”>Tolerances: ±0.004″ x ±0.004″
  • Material: NdFeB, Grade N42
  • Plating/Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel)
  • Magnetization Direction: Axial (Poles on Flat Ends)
  • Weight: 30.6 oz. (869 g)
  • Pull Force, Case 1: 400.0 lbs
  • Pull Force, Case 2: 400.0 lbs
  • Surface Field: 3661 Gauss
  • Max Operating Temp: 176ºF (80ºC)
  • Brmax: 13,200 Gauss
  • BHmax: 42 MGOe


Mr. Locksmith Rare Earth Magnet N52

Mr. Locksmith Rare Earth Magnet N52

These 3″ discs are some of the most powerful magnets on the market. Useful for the STRONGEST holding applications. They are freakishly powerful and should only be purchased by users familiar with the proper handling of very large neodymium magnets. Two of these stuck together are impossible to separate by hand.

It is recommended that they be handled with the assistance of at least one other person. As with any rare-earth magnet of this size, they can pinch, crush, or otherwise cause extreme physical harm if they are not handled with the greatest of care and respect.

Long Video with Marc Tobais Opening Sentry Safe with Rare Earth Magnet.


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