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The customer was broken into in Vancouver. The burglars just kicked the door in. Very common Break and Enter in Vancouver. You can see the door was broken and the cheap Off-Shore deadbolt just failed. Unfortunately, too many of these inexpensive deadbolts ($10-$45) are installed in Vancouver, sometimes on new condos and new buildings.

Mr. Prolock Break-In Repair Door & Replace Deadbolt

Mr. Prolock Break-In Repair Door & Replace Deadbolt

Mr. Prolock Break-In Repair Door & Replace Deadbolt


Mike from Mr. Locksmith rather than replace the door he installed a Mag Plate / Door Reinforcer (doubles the strength of the door) and a new Schlage Deadbolt (B660) with the Commerical Grade C123 Key and Cylinder. The Schlage Deadbolt is one of our favorite deadbolts.

We call this our Vancouver Special. The door frame did not need a 18″ Strike Plate installed on the door frame because it was metal.

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