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This video is a continuation of my reviews of some of the top electric pick guns.

Everybody I know who has been trying the Kronox just absolutely loves it, this is my first time playing with it.

This is the Kronos, German made, it’s not inexpensive and is reasonably priced for a quality Electric Pick Gun. It comes in a nice custom box. It has lots of accessories: plug spinner, the Germans make phenomenal plug spinners.

The tension wrench is extremely well-made with extra replacement pieces. The kit also includes a good quality plug spinner.

Now, this is really good, it comes with two batteries and a USB charger. It takes about three hours to charge the batteries.

The Kronos is extremely well-made, if you’ve seen some of the other ones I had in my collection from a long time ago, they’re just really crappy. They’re usually just plastic, they don’t last. The Kronos is extremely well-made, good grip, from the end here. And these batteries, I just love ’em because you can sit there in your case for a year, and I didn’t even check to see if I put it in right. They sit for a year and they still hold the charge.


The Germans are known for quality, quality tools.

This is mid-range compared to some of the really expensive ones, I’ll put the links in so you can see the pricing and where to order it. Extremely well-made and nice hold to it. Again, this is our practice pick board, it’s meant to be picked, it’s good practice so you learn how to do it. With all pick guns and electric pick guns and picks, You can’t bind it, you gotta put it in level, nice, you can’t bind it, don’t stick it in up to your knuckles. You know the key only goes in that far. It’s got lots of bits and pieces, it’s got the tension wrenches with it.

As people know, I like to pick from the top. Again, put it in so it’s not binding. So I think is gonna last forever. It’s extremely well-made, for the locksmith it’s fantastic, you can use it every day, it looks like it’s gonna stand up. We’re gonna practice on a whole pile of more locks, I’m gonna take out a pile of padlocks and a pile of locks.

I am going see how it does on the SmartKey locks, we’ve had quite a bit of success picking the Kwikset SmartKey locks that are supposed to be pick-proof, as per their rules or whatnot. Let’s see how these things do, I think it’s going to do very well. I rate it 10/10, 11/10, the Kronos is great.

You are going to been picking lots of locks with the Kronos in the near future. Have a good day.

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