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There is a lot of electric picks to choose from. Also, lots of garbage out there. In my opinion, it boils down to these three, and it really depends upon your budget, and what you’re doing.

DINO: It is Chinese made. It is the Dino and is very good. It’s really nice holding a pick, gun-style. I like this. It’s offshore made, I sort of have some problems with that, but it’s held up pretty good in the classroom, with lots of locksmith students. So this is a good choice. You can check my links online. It’s a good product. It’s okay, I like it. I do use it.

KRONOS: This is the Kronos, made in Germany. This is phenomenal. It’s actually extremely well-made. It’s very, very effective. This is gonna last you a long time in your kit. I have no problems at all with the quality, how it’s made. I love the battery in this. It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s good for an hour after you charge it, and you get two batteries. You’re good for two hours of picking. That’s gonna last you a good week, or a couple weeks depending upon how busy you are. It’s great. It’s very well made, and it holds nicely. I love it.

WENDT: The Rolls-Royce is the Wendt. It’s good for almost any lock in the world. It’s got a lot of adjustments. It’s extremely expensive. For service trucks, with locksmiths, you can’t go wrong with this. For the price, and everything else, this is it. What I would recommend, everybody has this one. This is good, but again I don’t like the quality of most offshore stuff. The Germans make fantastic picks, electric picks.

The Kronos is the go-to for in the truck, every day, in my toolbox. When I’ve got those jobs that are very high-end, that have to go in, of course, I’ve got this, but this is my backup for everything else. If you have to worry about different parts of the world, this is it. They’re great, but they’re not meant for covert. There are some special models that are quiet, but for the locksmiths, it even Locksport. These things put everything to shame. This is my number one chase for locksmiths, or if you are into Locksport, if you can cheat and get away with this.

For locksmiths, we are not cheating. We just want to get in, we’re for profit. They’re all moneymakers. They will make you money. And I think these two will last you a long time, Let’s see how they do against a wide range of locks from all over the world.


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